Juicing Information

People in increasing number are beginning to take health and nutrition more seriously. Many have turned to juicing in an effort to increase their energy, improve their health and lower the odds they develop many of the common health issues facing our society today.


Juicing is simply pureeing fresh fruits or vegetables to extract the juice, which can be consumed alone or mixed with other juices or even made into a smoothie. The benefits of juicing your daily fruits and vegetables rather than just eating them are many. Fresh juice allows your body to easily absorb all the vitamins and nutrients found in your food. This process bypasses the digestion process and allows the nourishment to be easily delivered to the intestinal walls and directly into the blood stream. His allows the vitamins and minerals to be more quickly absorbed by your body and makes them work that much faster.

Juicing avoids cooking your fruits and vegetables, which mean you get all the enzymes, that are contained in your food rather than cooking some out. The enzymes that are found in raw food play a key role in your body’s metabolism. These enzymes more quickly convert the food into tissue and energy, which increases your metabolic rate in turn allowing you to burn more calories and helping maintain a healthy weight.

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The increase in your metabolism also increases your energy levels, which helps in weight loss. Juicing can also help delay the effects of aging and promote a longer life span. With juicing you gain access to all the essential minerals, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and essential fatty acids found in raw fruits and vegetables. The cooking and preserving process we put them through removes many of these nutrients. Perhaps even more importantly the antioxidants contained in fresh fruits and vegetables help remove free radicals in your system. Free radicals, which are believed to cause many degenerative diseases such as high blood pressure, cataracts and perhaps even cancer.


Juicing is even known to help combat diabetes. When your body becomes resistant to the insulin produced in your pancreas this is the cause of type 2 diabetes. Research has shown that raw produce is the best form of food foe diabetics. It will help stabilize your blood sugar levels and nourish the body beyond the abilities of cooked food. Experts in the past have warned diabetics to stay away from all sugars even those found in fresh fruits. Recently we have discovered nutrients like vitamins A, B and E along with the iron and potassium found in fresh fruits and vegetables are a direct aid in naturally managing this disease. Diabetes is controlled by our food intake making digestive health a priority for diabetics.

Vitamin B7 found in mangoes, nectarines and peaches activate enzymes to directly aid in the digestion process. Carrots, celery, cruciferous vegetables, garlic, beet greens spinach and parsley all contain manganese which helps reduce insulin resistance and allows your body to better process sugar.

So juicing becomes a simple way to greatly optimize your energy and your health. One of the best things about juicing is you can easily create recipes specific to your own needs and tastes. Simply understanding which vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, which benefit your condition, will allow you to create your own tasty recipes and juices to help improve your health