Benefits of Watermelon Juice

Watermelon Juice is not as well known as some other fruit and vegetable juices however it does have some very beneficial properties. Aside from the health benefits that are always present when you juice fresh fruits and vegetables juicing watermelon is a great way to get a nice light refreshing drink that goes very well in the hotter months of the year.

Along with the great taste watermelon juice is loaded with vitamins and minerals some of the vitamins in watermelon include.
Pantothenic acid

Watermelon also has a long list of minerals some of which include.

All of these vitamins and minerals are important to the body and its ability to properly operate. Even the rind and the seeds are good for you and in many places are eaten along with the rest of the melon. In China pickled watermelon rind has been a favorite for centuries and in North Africa the seeds have been toasted and lightly salted for a healthy snack for almost as long.

Some other direct benefits of watermelon juice is it’s high content of Lycopene and Beta Carotene which have both been shown to help reduce free radicals in the body. Reducing free radicals can greatly help in reducing inflammation and can also help reduce cholesterol deposits in our arteries.

One of the less well known benefits of watermelon juice is it is rich in Citruline it has one of the highest concentrations of this substance found in fruit or vegetables. Once ingested Citruline converts into l-arginine in the bloodstream. Several studies * have shown that l-arginine can increase blood flow in arteries and veins.

This increased blood flow acts on the vascular system in much the same way as many popular ED medications such as Viagra. While many supplements will add l-arginine the Citruline in watermelon juice avoids the problem of l-arginine being digested in the stomach and losing much of its effectiveness as citruline only converts to l-arginine once it is in the bloodstream and in contact with the artery walls.

Juicing watermelon is actually pretty easy just cut the melon into manageable sizes and run it through a juicer. Some people will even juice the rind which is rich in nutrients. I usually just use the pulp and as much of the white part of the lining between the rind and the pulp I usually avoid the green part of the rind but you should at least try it and see if you like the added flavor.

The best watermelon juice recipe I know is just plain watermelon juice. However I do like to add some Lemon juice now and again or some Cucumber or Celery juice just for a change from time to time. If I plan on storing watermelon juice or almost any other juice I will usually add lemon juice as it can help keep the color from changing to a darker brown.

Watermelon juice is really easy to make and is a great refreshing drink in the hotter parts of the year and is something you should consider adding to your juicing if you are not already using it. So give juicing watermelon a try and explore the benefits of watermelon juice for yourself.

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