Create Your Own Recipes for Juicing

Creating your own recipes for juicing has increased in popularity over the last few years. There are many advantages to home made juice and drinking it every day can improve your over all health. Juicing can work for everyone but not everyone likes or needs the popular recipes for juicing available today.

Some of the advantages to home made juice include but are not limited to,

1.    Helping reduce high blood pressure
2.    Helping control diabetes
3.    Helping control asthma

With a little research you can create your own recipes that are both tasty and target your specific health condition.

· You must truly understand the condition you wish to target.
· Research which vitamins and minerals are linked to improving the condition.

· You must learn which fruits and vegetables have high levels of the vitamins and minerals you need.
· Each fruit or vegetable has different levels of vitamins and minerals so understanding which fruit or vegetable contains the vitamin or mineral you require is vital.

Once you have done this research you can begin to create your recipes. We all know Bananas contain a high level of potassium, Oranges a high level of vitamin C. Once you are familiar with the qualities of different fruits and vegetables you will be able to customize your own recipes that will target the areas you wish to improve.

Always purchase high quality produce this will ensure you are drinking the best possible juice and will increase the effectiveness of your recipe. The best possible produce would be something you grew in your own backyard. This would give you the most control over the ingredients that go into your recipes.

Unfortunately we all cant be gardeners so if you are unable to grow your own then try to purchase organic produce if possible. If organic produce is not available and you need to purchase from a local supermarket then always be sure to wash your produce well. Washing your produce will help ensure you have removed any possible chemicals or insecticides before you begin juicing.

As you progress in developing your recipes for juicing you will be able to better determine how much of each particular ingredient you will need to produce enough juice. Generally speaking you will need around one pound of most fruits or vegetables to produce one cup of juice.

Soon you will find creating your own recipes for juicing will be easy and fun. As most vitamins in fruits and vegetables are in the skin it is best that you not peel them prior to juicing. Although you may wish to peel some citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruit
most others you will simply need to take out the pits or any large seeds. Your juicer will remove any stems or anything else so just cut the produce into manageable chunks and throw it in. With these general ideas you will be able to create wonderful recipes for juicing in no time.

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